Child Seat

Are you planning to go on vacation with your family but you are bothered by how to transport your child without attracting a fine? Are you worried about your child’s safety when travelling? Do not stress out; choose manchester airport taxi with child seat service. We guarantee to safely transport you and your family including your child. Included in our services is a Manchester taxi car seat, which keeps your child comfortable and safe when onboard our manchester airport taxi with child seat. As a leading taxi company in Manchester, we abide by the industry’s best standards and follow the rules and guidelines for the safe transportation of both adults and children.

Child seats are a crucial and indispensable accessory when children are on-board. Car seats will be provided for children when travelling. A high-quality comfortable car seat can make a huge difference when going on a long journey. If your child is a new born or toddler, a car seat must be provided for them.

Over the years, manchester airport taxi with child seat have proven to be effective in saving lives, especially when an accident happens. Several children not placed in car seats got wounded when involved in accidents every year. Given this, providing a car seat or child seat is not optional but mandatory when your children are travelling with you.

Travelling with children could be stressful if you think about taking care of your luggage and your children as well. However, it is important to plan how to keep your children safe. Having your children safely and comfortably seated in car seats allows you to be free of worries about their comfort and safety. Meanwhile, you will also be free to do whatever you wish. To relieve you of the stress of travelling with your children, we offer a long distance taxi service bundled with a manchester airport taxi with child seat to cater to the safety of your children. Choose a high-quality taxi to Manchester Airport with child seats to safely transport your children.


Manchester Laws Regarding Car Seats for Children

According to the law in Manchester, children or youngsters below 3 years of age must not travel in automobiles, vans, or commercial vehicles without child constraints. Proper restrictions must be worn by children from 3 years old until they are either 12 years old or reach a height of 135cm.

Our Provision

To abide by this law when taking a taxi to Manchester Airport, we provide a top-notch manchester airport taxi with child seat for all long distance taxi services and airport transfers. As a result, we take away your headache when travelling with your kids. Take advantage of our taxi services and have access to our comfy child seats. We are committed to the safety of your entire family when you ride with us.