Top 10 Christmas Destinations to Visit with a Taxi

The holiday season is the perfect time to embark on magical journeys and create lasting memories with loved ones. If you’re planning to explore the festive charm of different Christmas destinations, consider the convenience and comfort of traveling with a taxi service. To make your adventures stress-free, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Christmas destinations that are best enjoyed with the assistance of a reliable taxi. And for seamless transportation to and from the airport, look no further than “Airport Trips.

Manchester Christmas Markets

The Manchester Christmas Markets are famous all over the world for being super festive and fun. The city becomes really lively with lots of market stalls. They sell all sorts of things, like handmade crafts and yummy seasonal treats. You can stroll through the nicely decorated streets, and see the twinkling lights on the stalls. The markets are a magical place to shop for special gifts and enjoy the holiday season.

Albert Square

During Christmas, Albert Square turns into a magical winter wonderland. It’s the area around the Manchester Town Hall. There are many festive events and activities happening there. You can see a big Christmas tree and beautiful light displays. People can go ice skating, listen to carol concerts, and feel the joyful atmosphere. The Christmas markets around Albert Square also have lots of different things to buy and tasty foods to try.

Ice Village

The Ice Village in Manchester is like a fairy tale made of ice. It’s a special place with amazing ice sculptures and winter-themed attractions. As it gets colder, the village comes alive with detailed ice structures. There are sculptures showing holiday scenes and ice bars serving seasonal drinks. The Ice Village is a cool and Instagram-worthy adventure where you can enjoy the beauty of winter.


MediaCityUK, known for its creative vibe, turns into a festive place during Christmas. There are many events and cool things to see for people of all ages. You can find bright light displays and watch special holiday shows at The Lowry Theatre. MediaCityUK really gets into the Christmas spirit, and you can explore the beautifully decorated area. Even the iconic MediaCityUK piazza is dressed up with festive decorations.


Manchester’s Chinatown becomes a special place for Christmas celebrations. The streets are filled with traditional Chinese lanterns and decorations, mixing different cultures. You can try festive foods from Asian restaurants and feel the lively energy of the area. The Christmas lights in Chinatown give a unique touch to the holiday atmosphere. It’s a cool destination for celebrating Christmas with a bit of cultural diversity.

Edinburgh, Scotland

In winter, Edinburgh turns into a magical place for visitors. The city is lit up with sparkling lights, and the Christmas markets near the historic Edinburgh Castle create a fairy-tale feeling. You can check out the cute stalls, try tasty holiday treats, and enjoy live music and shows. Edinburgh’s rich history adds a special touch to the Christmas fun, making it a great choice for people who love both tradition and holiday excitement.

Bath, England

Bath, with its pretty Georgian buildings, becomes even more charming at Christmas. The historic streets get decked out with festive decorations, and the Bath Christmas Market is a big attraction. There are over 150 stalls selling handmade crafts and local goodies. You can take a leisurely walk through the lovely streets, soak in the festive vibes, and even relax in the famous thermal baths. Bath’s Christmas events and decorations bring a bit of magic to this beautiful city.


The birthplace of William Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon, gets all decked out for Christmas with its Tudor-style buildings and traditional festivities. The streets light up with twinkling lights, and the Christmas markets have lots of handmade goods. You can enjoy the literary heritage of Shakespeare while soaking in the holiday spirit. Special events, like performances and carol concerts, give a cultural touch to Christmas celebrations in this historic town.


London, the capital city of the UK, is a dazzling place to be at Christmas, blending tradition and modern flair. The famous Christmas lights on Oxford Street and Regent Street create a magical atmosphere, and the city’s many Christmas markets offer a diverse shopping experience. There are ice skating rinks all over London for a festive activity. From the impressive Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square to the winter wonderland in Hyde Park, London’s Christmas events and attractions make it a must-visit spot during the holiday season.

Oxford, England

Oxford, with its historic buildings and academic feel, becomes a festive paradise at Christmas. The streets light up with Christmas decorations, and the Oxford Christmas Market has lots of handmade goods and yummy treats. You can explore the historic colleges, each beautifully decorated, and soak in the festive atmosphere. Oxford’s Christmas celebrations, from carol concerts to holiday-themed events, offer a charming experience for those who love a mix of tradition and scholarly heritage.


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Q1: Are “Airport Trips” taxis available 24/7 during the holiday season?

Yes, they operates 24/7, ensuring reliable transportation at any time, especially during the festive holiday season. We understand that travel plans may vary, and we’re here to accommodate your schedule.

Q2: Can “Airport Trips” accommodate large groups traveling for Christmas?

Absolutely! Our fleet includes vehicles of various sizes, allowing us to accommodate both small and large groups. When making your reservation, let us know the number of passengers, and we’ll ensure the right-sized taxi is ready for your Christmas adventure.

Q3: Is “Airport Trips” available for transfers to destinations outside of the city center?

Yes, they offers transportation to a wide range of destinations, including those outside the city center. When booking, provide your destination details, and we’ll ensure a smooth journey to your chosen Christmas hotspot.

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